Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope w/ Free Shipping — 2 options

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Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope Product Info Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Riflescope 76316 lets you set your sights on darkened targets. This versatile digital night vision scope from Pulsar combines a Night Visionimage scope with a digital Rifle Scope in a single package. The Pulsar Digital Riflescope features a built-in Infrared Illuminator to supplement low natural light levels. The rifle scope optics system employs an internal focusing mechanism (from 5 yards to infinity) with click-stop focus positions. The focusing system of the Pulsar Rifle Scope provides clear images at extremely short distances and optimizes image quality at all distances within the working range of the night scope. Windage and elevation adjustments are handled with a single knob, which switches between modes by pressing a nearby button. A 7/8" Weaver scope mount rail allows you to attach additional accessories. The lens cap is permanently attached and flips up easily, sitting flush to the night rifle scope body. The digital rifle scope and the built-in infrared light are activated by a gradual turning of the selector switch. The digital controls of the Pulsar Digisight Digital Nightvision Rifle Scope are easy and intuitive. The Main Menu controls the brightness of the targeting reticule, the choice of reticle shapes and allows you to set a custom running time. Several operating modes are available to the user: Contrast mode - for sharp contrast increase Color mode - successive change of the LCD display's illumination color Sum Light mode - activates sensitivity enhancement algorithm A Brightness Adjustment Wheel allows you to control the brightness of the screen's glow to preserve your night vision, and the inversion button allows an instant color of the aiming reticle from black to white. The choice of reticle color is subject to the target's brightness. The Pulsar Digisight Night Rifle Scope is equipped with an external video socket for connection of video recording or playback sources. Pressing a button switches the unit from VIDEO IN to VIDEO OUT mode. A mini-USB slot allows the rifle scope to be connected to a personal computer. Users can upload additional aiming reticles, including custom user-created target reticles. Most functions of the illuminated scope can also be operated with a remote control unit. Pulsar Digisight Digital Night Vision Scope is sure to enhance your night hunting experience. Pulsar makes the best in high-tech night vision optics including nightvision devices and binoculars. Visit our online store for a great selection of Pulsar Night Vision optics on sale at the best prices. We carry top-quality Night Vision products from numerous quality manufacturers. We back up our sales with great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Specifications for Pulsar Digisight Digital Night Vision Scope: Generation: Digital Magnification: 4.5x Objective lens diameter: 50mm Field of view: 5.2 angular degrees Eye relief: 67mm Exit pupil: 6mm Resolution: 50 lines per mm Max. detection range, normal night time conditions (quarter moon): 400 yards Diopter setting: +-3.5 diopter Close-up range: from 5 yards to infinity Power Supply: 6 Volt (4 x AA) Input Power Supply: 3.7-6 Volts DC Water intrusion rating: IP46 (IEC 60529) Operating Temperature: -10 to +35 degrees C (+14 to +95 degrees F) Dimensions: 13.4 in. x 3.7 in. x 3.7 in. Weight: 33.5 oz. (2.1 lbs.) Operating time (without/with IR): 12 hours / 9 hours Features of Pulsar Digisight Digital Night Vision Riflescope: Durable night vision rifle scope Magnifies 4.5 times Built-in IR illuminator Numerous quick and easy functions USB port Video in/out port Screen brightness adjustment Package Contents: Pulsar Digisight Digital Night Vision Scope 76316
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