ATN ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight w/ Free S&H

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ATN ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight Product Info ATN ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight is a highly advanced, completely digital thermal optic that's well suited for both handheld and weapon-mounted use, built by the night and thermal vision veterans at Advanced Technology Network. These powerful ATN thermal imaging devices combine a high 320x240 thermal resolution with an incredibly fast 60hz frame rate that will have you picking out even fast-moving targets with great clarity. Digitally powered, the thermal imaging sight has no screws or springs to throw off its zero, so the ATN ThOR 320 Thermal Weapon Sight is always accurate whether it's on a firearm or not. With a full-color 800x600 OLED display and an intuitive digital menu, you can alternate between five different color settings, reverse polarity (from white on black to black on white), change the reticle color, or even choose from one of four reticle shapes. Even the brightness of the Advanced Technology Network ThOR 320x240 Resolution Digital Thermal Sight is controlled by the easy to access menu. The ATN ThOR 320 1x Color Thermal Imaging Sight w/ Picatinny Mount is durable as well, built for the outdoors and for demanding professions like law enforcement or the military. Rugged, mil-spec lenses can withstand a lot of punishment, and Advanced Technology Network has built the scope to be exceedingly lightweight and compact enough to take with you on any operation. Equally useful handheld or mounted to a weapon, the ATN ThOR 320x240 Waterproof Thermal Imaging Sight comes packaged with a Picatinny 1913 quick release mount for easy attachment to your firearm. Efficiency in the field is another standard the ATN ThOR series meets, since it's capable of running for up to eight hours on just three (3) CR123A batteries. For a no-holds-barred thermal optic with advanced digital imaging, intuitive controls, and durable design, choose the ATN ThOR 320 Digital 1x Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight. ATN TIWSMT321D: ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight Specifications for Advanced Technology Network (ATN) ThOR320 1x Video-Out Thermal Sight: Video Frame Rate: Enhanced, 60hz Magnification: 1x Objective Focal Length: 19mm Field of View: 24° x 18° Exit Pupil: 14mm Eye Relief: 28mm Detector Type: Uncooled microbolometer Spectral Response: 7-14 um Resolution: 320x240 Human Detection Range: 450m Output Format: Analog PAL/NTSC Display: Color OLED Display Format: SVGA, 800x600 pixels Brightness Adjustment: Manual Contrast Adjustment: Automatic Batteries: 3x CR123A (included) Battery Life: Up to 8 hours Waterproof: Yes Length: 165mm Weight: 0.68 kg w/ batteries Diopter Range: +2° to -6° Features of ATN ThOR-320 OLED Four Reticle 1x Thermal Weapon Sight: High speed thermal optic by Advanced Technology Network Rugged, lightweight, and compact design meant for professionals Fully digital thermal sight Never loses zero due to screws and springs Enhanced, 60hz frame rate reliably detects even high-speed thermal signatures Large 800x600 full color OLED display Military spec optical lenses with professional-grade hardware Easy to use digital menu controls almost all aspects of the sight Digitally controlled brightness with automatic contrast adjustment Single button polarity control with white on black, black on white, and five different color modes 1x magnification for a large field of view Four different reticle shapes in four different colors: red, black, white, and green Comes with a mil-standard 1913 Picatinny quick release mount for weapon attachment Works as a handheld thermal sight and mounted on a rifle Runs for up to 8 hours on three (3) CR123A batteries Backed by the ATN one-year warranty Made in USA Comes packaged with three CR123A batteries, Picatinny quick release mount, lens cloth, warranty card, and instruction manual Package Contents: ATN ThOR 320 1x Enhanced Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight TIWSMT321D 3x CR123A batteries Picatinny 1913 quick release mount Lens cloth Warranty card Instruction manual
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